Well hello friends! This is our new collection…


Well hello friends! This is our new collection. The plan was that this is the summer before Dadamora is going to school, so we thought let’s make it colorful (as much as we can :D) and funny & cute. After summer comes autumn, when it’s time to go to school and we planned to go more minimal and serious, use brand new subjects on illustrations too.

But there is this one thing – the virus. We tried to be careful and thoughtful, but with just one week we got so lost… We cut down all the expenses we could, our small lovely team are on the “quarantine holiday” and me – I have the same day routine I used to have 5 years ago 😀 playing with kids, cooking, cleaning and then in the evening I’ll start working, packing, posting, delivering, writing… everything. I still have a bit dreamy feeling, that soon I’ll wake up and everything will be ok again. But I know it is reality and usually things will go even bit more bad. Yet still I have a feeling I’m not ready to give up. After all those years working non-stop day by day, with family, with kids, with the team!

We need to survive to pass on our mission. The vision for the better life, the effort for better quality of products, the preference of organic materials, the aim for sustainability, for love and care. And it is local – starting from producing the fabrics to sewing these fine clothes to printing those friendly animals – we provide work to many lovely people here in Estonia.

So let’s just take a deep breath and start living again. First at home, but if we stay hidden for couple of weeks, the virus will go away and we can move freely again! And we are ready, the happy colorful collection is ready. There are also some new dada-animals you can say hello to: Sloth, who is doing yoga to find the inner universe, young Dolphin dreaming about a clean ocean, a beautiful Swan and the happy Monkey, vegan Dinosaur called Diplodocus and a cheerful bouncing Ball.

For minimalist we have a new slogan: Be A Kind Human! For products without a print we have added an outside “Dadamora organic” label to be proud of choosing the cleaner future.

So here is the drop 1, enjoy! 🙂

Drop 2 is coming soon!


Photos are made by Katrina Tang.

Videos are made by Getter Kuusmaa.

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