Dadamora is a lifestyle…

…that grew out of a blog. My friend and I had our first kids around the same time and the blog was the expression of our journey into motherhood. From these beginnings, Dadamora grew into an adult and kidswear brand focused on sustainable, locally produced, and long-lasting  garments. And I walked this path with pride for 9 years until it was time for the next iteration.

Today, Dadamora is what I’d call “a continuous becoming”, rather than a ready-made brand. It’s a platform with its own flow and its own being, based on my personal evolution and learnings. 

As I integrate previous parts of myself into the current life – the former fashion model, artist and entrepreneur now blend with the realisation that my whole life can be a sacred creation. I no longer want to narrow my medium, but share the raw experience of existence on Earth that forms the backbone for Dadamora.

What will you find here?

• New and evolving content

As I bow to Mother Earth and the soil beneath my feet, I know that my service is sharing my life and learnings as an invitation to you, to walk the path of your own truth. As a firestarter, my wish is to ignite your inner fire, so we can light everything up together, brighter than ever..

Growing  up in an apartment block in the city, I didn’t know anything about living off-grid, growing food from seeds, or working with the land. With my sharings on Dadamora  I wish to encourage you, too, to follow your heart, no matter where it beckons you. I could have hid away within my new, self-sufficient life of plants, soil and clay, but there is this inner push that keeps whispering: “Tell the story…”. So here it is...

• Crafted products for your home and wellbeing

I see every mundane moment – each breakfast for example –  as an act of art. The opportunity to meet your inner creator. How can one make the simple daily moments magical? For me, it has been learning to create, plant and craft everything from the ground up. I truly had to learn everything from scratch, and still learn every single day. It never stops and it’s absolutely possible. Wherever and whoever you are.

The side effect of this kind of continuous creative process is very tangible – all that becomes manifest in the physical plane: Dadamora ceramics, tinctures, clothes, natural cosmetics… As the process itself fills me up, there is an overflow that I will share here. Things that will seek new homes to adorn, new bodies to nourish.


I don’t know where this new life will bring me, or my family. I follow my inner call, the whispers from my heart and body. Therefore, let your own being become the filter and receiver to gather what you need from here. You don’t have to know where it will bring you – just become curious and allow yourself to be surprised.

…Love & care…




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