The new beginning

The space I created in the past year provided the transformative soil for the birth of the new me, and a new iteration of Dadamora. Or perhaps it has just been the return to the path I always saw myself walking.

The first Dadamora iteration was, in fact, a lifestyle blog. I never had the idea to dig myself too deep into a particular “medium”. Dadamora always kept the essence of constant evolution and making organic childrenswear was just the stop we held onto a bit longer. Until it was time to evolve again, together with the changing seasons of life.

Spring will bring the new winds, new beginnings, and new blossoming – as with nature, so with Dadamora. As above, so below. As I’m gradually changing and growing into a different version of myself, my own evolution also inspires the evolution of Dadamora.

Re-ignited and re-claimed passion: ceramics 

Ceramics had picked my interest before. I first tried my hand with this material at the end of high school. Once I touched the earthy clay again some months ago, I felt a sense of familiarity, like meeting someone I knew and have missed. I felt like I’ve returned home. I use clay – the resource from the earth –  to ground myself.

I use my hands to charge my own being and then share my energy outwards through this medium of beauty. These new Dadamora ceramics are the result of the earth blending with the essence of my vision, filled with clarity and calm.

The energies you choose to surround yourself with, make you 

My future vision for Dadamora is to serve the food I have grown on the plates I have made. To grow herbs, make tinctures, and share the way of living that is seasonal and self-sufficient, deeply in harmony with nature and my own being.

I don’t know where this path will lead and I don’t feel the need to define it. What I know for sure is that it’s the path that spirals deeper into myself, into my true being.

I welcome you into this new home of Dadamora. I hope it will inspire and nourish your senses, your body and your soul even more than previous iterations. I hope my new offerings will adorn you and your home. And I invite you to keep evolving, keep questioning, keep living fully.


You can buy the new ceramic sets here.

Follow the evolution of Dadamora here.