The time for change has come – again

I left my IT career 12 years ago to dive into the unknown – and from this leap of faith emerged an art degree, birthing my first child and creating Dadamora. I am immensely proud of what Dadamora has become: over the years we launched our physical shop in Telliskivi Creative City – an area of utmost importance in Dadamora’s story; traveled to fashionable childrenswear fairs in Paris; built a solid customer base in Finland, sold our products through several other retailers in Europe and took part in Helsinki Design Week. It was fun and challenging, creative and exhausting – all at the same time. In short – the last 8 years have been a wild ride.

My vision was to design and make childrenswear collections that are sustainable, locally produced, and most importantly, long-lasting, and this is exactly what we have done. Sitting here today, I can honestly say that there is nothing I could or would want to improve in our products. I was always obsessed with the highest possible quality, which also created our fiercest “competitor”: a market of pre-loved Dadamora pieces that have been reworn and resold by mothers over and over again. Yes, it went against the capitalistic business model, and so be it…

Creating space

Dadamora has always been more than a brand or a business. It has been a huge part of my life and identity over the past years. And as I have changed and transformed, it is time for Dadamora to change and transform. We often create our own “boxes” and become comfortable with their familiarity, But life is truly about staying curious and keeping evolving. Many of us are called to seek out new paths, so I, too, am leaping into the unknown once more. There is much I want to explore, do, and create. And I know that if I would carry on with Dadamora as before, I would not have the necessary space to welcome in the new. Creating space for what wants to enter my life. Honouring the person who I’m becoming. 

So what is happening to Dadamora?

We will take a break from creating new collections for now. We will give up our lovely studio and go on a pause to welcome new frontiers when the time comes. I truly believe that  if you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.

This is your chance to acquire your favourite (and last) pieces from our collection. 

We’d like to call it a Transformation sale. Over the next two months, we will empty our studio to prepare for moving our little family off grid, so from today you can buy your favourite products from our e-shop with “closing down” prices. So if you have loved our pieces before, take this chance to stock up. 

Thank you

I would like to take this moment to thank all of you – our incredible customers and friends – who have supported us over the years. You made Dadamora happen, and I truly hope these lovingly-made pieces will keep bringing joy and comfort to your days also in the future.


… Love & Care …



We will also sell our remaining fabrics and furniture – if you are interested, please email me

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