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Hello spring! The time has come to clean closets and sort all children’s clothes that you can use or sell second hand or give away to your neighbours. The current difficult situation in the world has given us some time to focus on things at home and prepare for the summer.

We have prepared a new collection for you. For a change we decided to make everyone a colourful summer before it is time to start school. Because – Dadamora is already at the age of elementary school. So we thought let’s enjoy some shiny colours, nature and childhood and let’s not forget to be caring to the world, to others and to ourselves.

We introduce you to our new colours which are lemon yellow; slightly turquoise light blue, which also suits well all Elsa-worshippers; greyish sage green; a mesmerising slate blue; a cute baby pink with a hint on peach inside and the elegant beige.

Our new group of animal characters are the sloth, who is doing yoga to find the inner peace; a cute dolphin dreaming of a clean ocean; a vegan dinosaur called Diplodocus; a cheerful bouncing ball; a beautiful swan and a little happy monkey. The new slogan print says: “Be a kind human”. Simply because kindness is something the world needs more – let’s bring it back: let’s be kind, caring and loving!

Fresh designs include a long-waited zip-up hoodie. The cut is based on our classic hoodie but we have added a zipper. This wasn’t the easiest task to make technically, but our lovely production lead together with the dressmakers found a solution. We definitely suggest this would be the one hoodie to take with you to every occasion throughout the playful summer. We also have two new dresses for the girls! First the Tee-dress, which might look funny from a picture, but once put on a girl it is probably not taken off anymore 😀 It is cute and comfy. And while the child is growing it is difficult  to say when this tunic-t-shirt is really got too small. Assuming it will be a hot summer we have a nice tank-top dress with side pockets. A minimal but definitely a cool dress that got us wondering why haven’t we had it sooner. We also updated the skirt design and added the side pockets – to take the important stuff along and hide some treasures. For baby-girls we brought back the baby dress/tunic. A nice dress to also use as second layer on a tank-top bodysuit on a colder weather.

For the minimalistic designs with no print we have added a “Dadamora organic” outside label so you could be proud and show that you care for cleaner future.

All our fabrics are produced in Pärnumaa, Estonia and have the GOTS certificate – the proof of highest quality of organic cotton. We even add a special treatment to the fabric to prevent fuzz balls and you can wash the product in machine carelessly. Later sell it second hand or donate it to those in need. Our sewing partners are mainly four small sewing companies, one of them in Jõgevamaa and three in Harjumaa. So all of our production is local. This is especially important for us so we can contribute to manufacturing in Estonia. Yes, it is costly, but this country is dear to us and it is important to care and support our owns.

Be a kind human!

With the code “love” you can have -20% in March!

Discover our new collection: here

More pictures: here

Photos: Katrina Tang

Video: Getter Kuusmaa



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