Getter’s favourites

We are starting with a new blog series where lovely people around us share their choices and thoughts about Dadamora. Here you will find their unique selections and perhaps something for inspiration 😉 Today let’s say hello to Getter!

Getter is our lovely videographer. All our cool videos are made by her. And her daughter is our model in this season photoshoot too.

Look, what they have chosen to Karlotta’s closet for this season:


We also asked three questions form them:

What is Dadamora?

K: Dadamora is a photoshoot.

G: Dadamora is a children’s clothing brand,  who’s quality never let’s you down. Simple and beautiful, playful.

Why Dadamora?

K: Because I’m a model.

G: Beacause the child will not feel uncomfortable, itchy or disturbing + of course it’s beautiful.

Favourite Dada-animal?

K: Kitty

G: Sloth


Getter is also a photographer, discover her lovely work from here:

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