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We are one!

Wow, we made it, thanks to you! We are here again, in the beginning of a new ride. A new way, a new collection. Somehow it turned out, that there were so many slogans we wanted to use this time. There are so many things to say, to inspire the young ones, meaning – our future. To get back this hope that everything is still possible – we need to belive in ourselves! 

And we need to belive, that we can change the world! Because together we are one and we can do it! We can jump off the train, the train that is on the way to an end. We can be kind to each other, we can love and care, we can still be close, and we can be kind to our planet. 

Let’s create from the heart!


Designs: Mariliis Kenkmaa

Illustrations: Tõnis Kenkmaa

Photos: Katrina Tang

Videos: Getter Kuusmaa and Katrina Indiana

Beauty: Erle Taklai

Style help: Maara Räpp

Assistant: Astrid Miller

Thank you to all the models and their lovely mothers 🙂