This week our Telliskivi Store will turn two years old! Hurray! We called to Kristi at Bonobo, to get some surprises for you! Kristi is a lovely bohemian mother, who runs a natural cosmetics brand called BONOBO. So we thought it would be nice to celebrate this occasion with giving a lipbalm as a gift for a Dadamora purchase over 25€. 

We care about Bonobo, because our beginnings are so similar… young mothers looking for a change, to save this planet for our kids to enjoy too. 

We like Bonobo and thought we could share their lovely story with you.

BONOBO is a domestic cosmetic line designed for a woman who appreciates nature and naturalness.

BONOBO is committed to creating cosmetic products that are effective but light and support the body. Kristi Kalluste, the founder of BONOBO creates creams and lip balms, that can be worn without worry on your skin, using hand-picked Estonian plants and unrefined organic shea butter in her well-lighted laboratory. You can also give them to your children for using.

Each BONOBO product has its own effect from the natural power of the plants used in them.

BONOBO is clean, free and wild. Your body will thank you for using natural cosmetics!

More about BONOBO: 

Follow them on instagram: bonobo_native_cosmetics


Love & Care!

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