Dadamora’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection – what’s new?

There’s this great saying in Estonian that goes like this: „Kõik-kõik on uus septembrikuus“, meaning „Everything’s new in September“. It marks the beginning of a new season, when kids stuff their backpacks with books and return to school or kindergarten. For them it’s exciting – new friends, new teachers, new workbooks and pencils, new sneakers and hoodies. For us, parents though … well we get to provide them with all of that. Because „Everything’s new in September“ … in your child’s wardrobe. ☺


Although Dadamora’s childrenswear is not exactly haute couture, we have built our business around Vivienne Westwood’s wise words: „Buy less, choose well, make it last“. As parents we want what’s best for our kids and so we often forget that they don’t need 10 hoodies, 20 pairs of chinos and 5 new pairs of wellies at once. I mean … are you even a parent if your kid’s wardrobe isn’t bigger than yours?! ☺ It’s only natural to get excited and buy unnecessary or too many clothes for our little ones (or even ourselves!). To break that habit we’ve made it our mission to make clothing that kids don’t need or want to change out of – items, that are versatile and fitting for different occasions.


Dadamora’s A/W 2019 collection aims to do just that. We have made some improvements to the designs, added new sizes to our collection, and mixed our Dada animals up a little. The biggest and the most obvious change is the colours: new season brings us a completely new colour called „rust“, which is rusty orange. There’s also a lot of olive green and different shades of grey. 

Many designs have been reinvented and all our products are now true to size, especially the pullover and chinos, to which we added length, or in other words – longevity, because hopefully with a little room to spare kids don’t grow out of them so quickly.

With growth spurt in mind, our autumn/winter collection has a completely new product category Teenage, which consists of two sizes 146/152 and 158/164. In addition to that we are now offering a new product for babies – onesie, which is brushed inside, so it’s perfect for playtime.

And like each new season we’ve mixed up our Dada animal collection this time, too. All the new products, improved designs and additional sizes come with a bat, giraffe, dinosaur or swan print. But we are definitely not implying that dinosaurs are for boys and swans for girls – our designs come in gender neutral colours, which means a garment can be handed down from one sibling to another,
 without having to worry about the clothes being too girly or too boyish.

All our products are made from organic cotton, silkscreen printed and sewed in Estonia. Even our fabrics are produced locally, which is not very common for a clothing brand. But for us it’s the extra mile we’re willing to walk in order to get a good night’s sleep. Leaving the smallest footprint possible while producing long-lasting timeless designs is something we as a business strive for. So, to rephrase Westwood: we’ll make it last, you choose well and buy less. And remember: kids don’t need 10 hoodies … about 2 will do just fine. ☺

Oh, and did I mention that this is Dadamora’s 5th fall – our first anniversary! We’re celebrating in our own playful way, which means throwing kindness around like confetti. Let’s let the kids play and enjoy their lovely journey together!


AW2019/2020 photos are made by lovely Katrina Tang!

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