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We had a loooong walk yesterday, the four of us. Albert giving Oskar a ride: Wearing: cap by New Era / tanktop by Bobo Choses / shorts by some unknown company / sneakers by Converse And you can tell Oskar was pleased: Wearing: tanktop

Did you know that infants reflexively prefer to look at high-contrast edges and patterns because objects with patterns having 100% contrast (that is, black-on-white) are the easiest for newborns and young infants to see. Black and white patterns present the

Sophie is Oskar's first girlfriend. They like to play together quite closely. Sophie was born in1961 and has pretty nice story as well: In those days, the only animal toys available were farm animal or pet figures

Since Oskar was born, I started using our old film camera again. We have the Asahi Pentax K2. It was made in 1975 and it still works really well! Love it!    

My friend just turned 41, so I decided to make an illustration for her. She's a lovely single mom of two kids and because her beauty she has quite many admirers. Unfortunately I'm not the best drawer in our family, so

"Hei, Otto" by Ulvi Haagensen- one of the prettiest books for babies I have ever seen, if not the most beautiful one. It's just so elegantly simple and tasteful, containing only nine short sentences and descriptive illustrations. Black and white

I got five liters of blueberries yesterday, so i decided to make a cake. It's so good and fresh - perfect start for a day. I used digestive cookies on the bottom, creamy goat cheese with raspberry jam in the middle

We're moving in 2 weeks. Into a bigger apartment, for our little-big-baby-toddler Albert needs some more space for his stuff. And some privacy. He is so grown up already. Bittersweet. At least I get to decorate. Here's some inspiration: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. sources: 1

The only thing that made Oskar happy this morning was daddy's guitar. It's the Martin & Co classical backpacker guitar. So I used this as an inspiration, when i was dressing him. A wearing: tanktop by Marat / leggings by Dadamora.

The other day we went to the italian restaurant called Rucola. They have such a amazing pizza with buffalo mozzarella and of course as a family we love their big terrace with sofas!