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Our kids teepee, pillows and toys were featured in an Estonian Family and Home magazine's photoshoot this month. Photos by Hele-Mai Alamaa. Many thanks to Sand in Your Shorts KIDS BLOG and Pere ja Kodu!

Thank you for the warm welcome of our colourful merino teddies at Sfäär Store! We're working hard on updating the selection, because most of them are sold out already. Here's a little sneak-a-peek of some of the lovely new colours

Look at this adorable gift that Mariliis and Tõnis made for Albert for Christmas. Hand painted Puppy bed linen! It's a hit in our house, and soon something similar will definitely come to production by Dadamora!

Last weekend we were prepering for our first editorial photoshooting and today we got the package ready! Looking forward to see the photos! Stay tuned :). Special thanks to Sand in Your Shorts KIDS BLOG

I made this "Albert eats fish" calendar for Albert, because his physical therapy doctor ordered us to eat fish at least 4 times a week. One portion is about as big as his little palm. So, two sardines already gives

I got this homemade gingerbread dough from a local Christmas market and could not wait any longer, so I baked some gingerbread cookies today. And here's a picture from my childhood. My mother used to make similar gingerbread cookies every

Here it is- Dadamora pullover collection for kids. They're soft and eco-friendly, hence- child friendly and come in four sizes- 6 months, 12 months, 2 years and 3-4 years. A lot of different colours available at the Pop Up Shop

We have had this tradition to spend all the advent nights together for a few years now. Yesterday, on the second advent Maara's family brought their Christmas tree home and we decorated it together. When in the old days we used

About a year ago Maara made a couple of cute crochet animals for Albert and Oskar. They were so popular among the kids and got so many compliments from other parents, so we decided to make some more. Meet Dadamora's crochet

Take a look at our first illustations. Those cute pictures were made in cooperation with our lovely Tõnis. All pictures are based on Estonian proverbs. It's really weird to translate them, but here's a try. The first one, for example,

Finally I can launch our online store. Me and Tõnis had an exhibition this February, just before Oskar came. For us it was kind of a test, that is it possible to make just pictures, instead of conceptual installations. It turned out