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The weather has been a bit chilly in the evenings when we have our stroll to the playground recently. So, I made Albert a pair of light autumn/spring mittens to keep these little fingers warm. There are many reasons for

The plum season has started. And it's a flood. Which is good, because plums are tasty and a good source of vitamins. If getting tired eating them raw and ripe as they are, try baking a cake. I have baked

I found some pictures from last summer. They're made with my old film camera using a yellow filter. It was a trip to lake Peipsi. It's bit funny to imagine the life before Oskar.

Meet one of Oskar’s best friends - Osvald the raccoon. Maara made it for him. Osvald has been in our family as long as Oskar. Over the last few weeks they haven't been really close, because of the teething period. 

We drove to Ööbiku (nightingale) Gastronomy Farm's Pop-Up Restaurant for a late lunch yesterday afternoon. The weather was really nice and it's only an hour drive from the city. The restaurant serves five-course meals using ingredients from local farmers and seasonal

Albert's very first room is almost ready. A few prints need to be hung on the walls and his crib is in still in the master bedroom, but he spends a lot of time in his game room. Here's Albert,

^^ this is what's been happening at our house lately. A lot of packing and unpacking and furniture constructing and cleaning. We moved. ^^ ^^ some of the beautiful views from our new balcony I have been lucky to enjoy. ^^ ^^

I accidentally stumbled into a cake recipe on the internet the other day. It was called the heavenly pumpkin cake. I had just purchased a little pumpkin to try and make my very first pumpkin pie, so I decided to

^^ he's so happy! ^^ ^^ I like to fantasize I smell like real Baudelaire ^^ ^^ my sunglasses are always his favourites ^^ ^^ Boys! ^^ ^^ another breakfast picnic on the balcony ^^ ^^ at daddy's work ^^ ^^ Albert's aunt Kati got married!

My bibliophily has evolved to the level where I am buying philosophy books for my 15- month old. I mean, I just could not resist the temptation. It's Who am I by Oscar Brenifier. With lovely illustrations by Aurélian Débat.

We visited the Telliskivi flea market today. It takes place every saturday, and if you're there, check out the whole Telliskivi Urban Walk. They have a lot of trendy and interesting little shops and restaurants there. I got Albert an old

The flâneur is, first of all, a literary type from 19-century France, denoting the man of leisure, the idler, the urban explorer, the connoisseur of the street, stroller or loafer. Just imagine an old city street of Paris with all

We got a lovely present from our friends - Oskar got a teether and I got a bracelet. It's 100% food grade silicone, soft and with really cool design. And what counts most is that Oskar loves it as much I

I love those bit rainy summer days, cause then I have time for cooking. Today we made some waffles. I have this pretty old russian waffle iron - Esta. It's been my good friend since I was a kid and

We spent the whole weekend wandering around Haapsalu and Noarootsi. It seems to be my new favorite area - all the ports and cafes - just wonderful. some photos are taken by my friend Pirgit.

Like our proper hunter-gatherer ancestors, I have been preparing for the cold winter. The deep-freezer is full of berries and shelves full of home made jam. Today I made some fresh salt pickles. Unfortunately they won't last until winter, because