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This is Oskar's first piece of art. He made two copies - one for father and the other one for his grandfather. The making of was pretty funny, Oskar was like a real painter, all his hands and face were

Besides the fact that is Mardipäev (St. Martin's Day) and officialy the begginning of the winter period in the folklore, it is also my mommy's birthday today. And Father's Day! A lot to celebrate for one day. So I baked

We are learning the word no! here and I can tell already, it has a great potential to become Albert's favourite word as soon as he starts to speak. At the moment he is very good at shaking his head

Did you know it is possible to make a really delicious and moist chocolate cake out of courgettes? I didn't, until recently. I've been experimenting with some vegetable cake recipes and they have really surprised me. Make them with raw,

I have this ridiculous obsession with love. There can never be too many heart symbols in my life. A few of my favourite finds: 1. ENVOLÉE DE 8 COEURS ROUGES BY MIY temporary tattoos by TATTYO 2. Heart shaped

On the 18th of October Albert turned 18. 18 Months of course. It's extra special, because he also started to walk that week! His steps are still a little unsecure, but he's getting better every day. All this got especially

After having his late Ella's lunch at Cafe Klaus, Oskar got a change to visit Estonian Design House. His new friend Kaspar Paas made a tour for us. I was so excited. After I made those two leather tote bags, I've been

Oskar went to the exhibition opening yesterday, it was the second one for him. It took place at Temnikova & Kasela gallery and it was by Fred Kotkas. Entitled "Piss Stop", in line with the artist's distinct humour, it comprises of

Albert's dad works at the coolest concept store and restaurant in Tallinn- SfääR. In the store part they sell selected brands of clothing, footwear, wine, accessories, skincare etc. for both men and women. But from time to time they take

Wow finally. It took around six years to get it. It's almost like all my life. I started my driving school when I moved back from London. But Somehow I was always on the half way and I didn't really

On Sunday my sister came by with her family. We had a long walk around my hood. We were collecting colorful leaves and chestnuts for Marko. He's on first grade now and they are doing art with all those autumn beauties.

Stay at home mom's life can be a little too safe and monotonous at times. So I really am looking for some challenges here and there. I could not think of an greater baking callout than making macarons. Because the

I have been thinking about what we eat more and more each year, especially now, when I am responsible for little Albert's menu too. Last weekend at the countryside we bought some fresh vegetables and free range chicken eggs from

We spent couple of days at Kärasi village. Tõnis has a country house there together with his band friends. They used to have indie band called Pia Fraus, wich released albums even in Japan and USA. But yes, they bought

Albert is a dog person. There is no doubt about it. That is confirmed every time he sees one. He used to shake with excitement when he was smaller, now he can already imitate barking in his baby language. He

One of our favourite places for eating out recently- Klaus- is a quaint cafe-restaurant located by the sea and in a hip neighborhood next to the city centre. It's in the same building as the Estonian Design House, guess that

The weather has been a bit chilly in the evenings when we have our stroll to the playground recently. So, I made Albert a pair of light autumn/spring mittens to keep these little fingers warm. There are many reasons for