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In the beginning of this week we had a photoshoot for our Spring/Summer 2019 collection. We will be presenting it next week at Playtime Paris, but till then you can check out these behind-the-scenes photos taken by Annmari Eespäev.

Scroll down for more photos! ♥


The weather this May and June has been uncharacteristically warm for Estonian summer, so we decided to do this shoot on the beach. Luckily everything went as planned and we’re really happy with the results!



Photo: Laura Nestor

Video: Getter Kuusmaa

Style: Marian Eespäev

Behind-the-scenes photos: Annmari Eespäev

Marketing consultant: Anna-Mai Männik

Models: Loore, Lukas, Elliot, Karlotta, Melanie, Linda

+Dadamora Family Mariliis & Tõnis