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I found some pictures from our autumn trip to Finland. Prints by TM had really good opportunity to make an exhibition together with one Finnish poet Mirca Kukkasniemi in Pappila, Vihti. She made lovely poetry for some of our graphical works. It

Meil on hea meel teatada kõigile Tartlastele, et kogu Dadamora lasterõivaste kollektsioon pesitseb 6.-12.oktoobril Tartu Kaubamaja kolmandal korrusel Moekuulutaja Pop-up kaupluses. Veel leiab sealt valiku teisigi Eesti disainerite loomingut. Tulge tutvuma! *** Dadamora was one of the selected Estonian Kids

We were working in our studio the other day, when Oliver stopped by with his mother and big brother Marko. He is just in the perfect age for the biggest size of our lovely pullovers. So, all of a sudden,