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May 2020

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Hurray! It was two years ago, when we moved our Shop to Telliskivi Creative City! Before this we used to have a shop in Balti Jaama Turg for a year, but somehow it felt that we need to move forward!

I was trying to find the very first photos of the room, but unfortunately I couldn’t. The room was a lot different before, for example our kitchen corner used to be an old toilet and there where much less windows… but here I will share the making of photos of the lighter times 🙂



We thought it would be nice to celebrate this occasion with giving a BONOBO lipbalm as a gift for a Dadamora purchase over 25€.  Both in our Telliskivi Store and online.

This week our Telliskivi Store will turn two years old! Hurray! We called to Kristi at Bonobo, to get some surprises for you! Kristi is a lovely bohemian mother, who runs a natural cosmetics brand called BONOBO. So we thought